Mindfulness is a meditative practice based on attention training. It focuses on learning to focus our attention to understand what is happening inside our mind, to understand and manage it. Today, the rhythm of life requires that we find an easy and simple path that will guide us and help us recover our inner calm, and teach us the way so our emotions do not take over our body and mind. Studies show that Mindfulness continues to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing attention and concentration, which allows us to manage our emotional state.

The practice of mindfulness is a magnificent resource of utility in the professional and personal sphere. Therefore, it is indicated to any person who wants to initiate a process that helps him to manage the stress and to initiate a process of self-knowledge through the conscious observation. The daily agenda at work is full of tasks. Manage teams, attend clients, decision making, meeting objectives, meetings, teamwork, etc. , And an endless number of other work-related activities.

In the personal and family environment, after the workday, communicate with your partner, be with your children, listen to them, homework, etc.

To balance the professional and personal environment, it is important that we learn new competencies and Mindfulness has proven its effectiveness, preparing the ground of the mind to successfully develop the challenges of each day.



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