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Achieving EXCELLENCE in Business, Professional and Personal, through the creation of TRAINING PROGRAMS with innovative and effective tools, is the cornerstone of MILTON LEARNING, Professional Training and Coaching Services.

Discover the Benefits of Being Different.

The Milton Learning programs are aimed at executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, who are looking for a Global Training by developing their competences to make the Leap to Excellence.


PROGRAMS of Training and Training for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs.

Approximate duration of each of them 8-12 hours face-to-face.

1. Customer service. Link and Loyalty.

2. Sales Training. 7 key points to achieve Sales Success

3. Mindfulness for Executives.

4. Emotional Intelligence. Train Emotions for Success.


5.Coaching. Achieve Personal and Professional Goals.

6. Financial coaching. New Vision of Finance in the Company.

7. Time Management. Take your time.

8. Self-discipline. Efficiency in the Tasks.

9. Team coaching. Management of Cooperation.


10.Leader Team. Managing Business Teams is Much More.

11. Motivation. Reward your Champions.

12. Business Enneagram. Power the Personality of your Employees.

13.Milton Learning Events. Travel to a New Team Experience.

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