Milton learning is a company dedicated to formation and coaching to the companies and particular in a progress of adaptaccion to the exigences and opportunities of the market. We design in efficient way the training plans more suitable to the business organization, as well as we manage the bonding of formation we realized. We have vocation of quality and service contributing with the more current market offer training to the employees in all the areas to make your company a a updated and competitive enviroment. We offer a wide folder of courses in more than 30 areas of training, as while as a solution for all types of companies, through various formalities of training and coaching.


• Consultancy and formation plans for the companies and institutions.

• Grant supported training in the modalities e-learning and in person.

• Individuals permit of training (PIF).

• Corporate excellence programs for executives, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

• Aprproved training recognized by the university Juan Carlos I De Madrid to obtain of ECT´S.

• Integral consulting of data protection and audits.

• Emotional Intelligence Programs and Workshops, Teamwork, Directives, Commercial Skills and Sales Techniques.

• Personal Sessions and Personal, Executive and Financial Coaching Programs.


To achieve excellence in the professional business environment, trough our training programs with new and effective tools, this is the more important to Milton learning professional training and coaching services.

We accompany our customers towards the results, improving your productivity, facilitating the tools needed to reach established objectives.

Definitely we promote tour goals.           

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Coaching is a process by which the coach accompany to the coachee to achieve its goals more effectively. This is aprofessional service to bring us closer to achieving the goals for the succes. In the process of coaching it identifies improving areas, blind spots , absolute failure of the motivation as skills to develop to reach specific objectives.

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The practice of Mindfulness optimizes the qualitative and quantitative results of the skills and behaviors that are considered fundamental to successfully perform personal and professional competencies. 1. Achievement of Results and Continuous Improvement. 2. Initiative, Proactivity and broad vision of the future. Reinforces clarity in decision making. 3. Innovation and Creativity. 4. Communication and Influence. Efficiency and Productivity based on a conscious communication. 5. Teamwork. Empathy to other needs, attitude of cooperation and growth. 6. Team Management, from a global vision and unlimited growth.


These formative actions are assessed for work placements, oppositions, besides being valid for the private and private sphere.

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